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Claymore review

Posted : 9 years ago on 14 August 2010 03:09 (A review of Claymore)

Gritty, atmospheric, successful at drama and, with one exception, never stupid. The characters work for their strength, plan for the worst and die when in actually dangerous circumstances. It makes watching the fights much more enjoyable. Animation is great with a lot of detail and emotions in faces.

These are all the reasons you should watch subs: Roky is gay. Didn't Clare spell some things out in the second episode? Isely used to narrate the old twilight zone. Helen is a valley girl and although when in small degrees it works well there are times when it sounds like she is shopping. Ilene Irene? is the evil step mother. When Clare meets Ophelia the awakened being is supposed to sound mournful not like Priscilla. A number of the female actors sound like just normal people when they need more character... Some of the sound effects are from star wars. Some of the music is from Captain America. Animation frames were added but not always well. I'm sure some of the dialogue was changed for much worse too. For a much better ending(continuation) and a somewhat better Rocky read the manga.

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Whats wrong with you?

Posted : 9 years ago on 12 August 2010 03:06 (A review of Naruto)

The writers pull abilities out of nowhere and then spend the episode explaining them! Seriously the characters stare at each other and monologue about tactics for episodes at a time. For a compounding effect its impossible to actually understand what technique or tactic is better. Even if you try to follow who is winning the fight the writers will pull a twist. Then again the outcomes of most fights are obvious from the beginning often counter to any sense or purpose except how awesome the main characters are. Ninjas never run away or even seem to plan on it.

Naruto and co go out on life threatening missions, never die, never talk or act like they may die, do better than people three times their age and don't get hazard pay. Over the course of the show they have probably killed a couple thousand mook ninjas.

On the plus side later shippuden episodes addresses a few of these issue only to turn out boring in a harder to pin down way. Btw i actually like naruto the character so long as he isn't fighting anyone.

The first review is best:
[Link removed - login to see]

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Gantz review

Posted : 9 years ago on 12 August 2010 01:32 (A review of Gantz)

After seeing a number of people say how this is the worst anime they have ever seen i feel i have to defend it. Narutaru and Elfenleid have worse gore and general nastiness. Not as much nudity though. Lots and lots of animes have stupider characters or more randomness. In fact its the anime itself that makes you expect higher intelligence in the characters. There are some pros. The main characters actually have a high chance of dieing in dangerous situations. I mean the show doesn't contradict itself on one of the most important elements. The main characters realize their mortality and generally act a lot more like they are in a weird and deadly situation although only in comparison to most animes. The characters liberally use their new powers outside of the arena. Many common anime tropes are ignored. Often, and relatively, in favor of realism. Also the art and animation of faces and environments is good.

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Hiroikku eiji (2007- ) review

Posted : 9 years ago on 9 August 2010 10:33 (A review of Hiroikku eiji (2007- ))

The peace-mindedness of many of the characters and their attempts at resolution were pros for the series. But billions died, giant (thousands of ships) space battles were resolved by monster mecha and in general the story was way too random for me.

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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann review

Posted : 9 years ago on 8 August 2010 03:07 (A review of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

This show is aware of its own awesomeness and brings it to the front into an exciting artistic extravaganza. Where other shows are severely undermined by beating impossible odds every episode this show shows off the emotions for all its worth. Closest anime is FLCL.

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Kekkaishi review

Posted : 9 years ago on 7 August 2010 11:53 (A review of Kekkaishi)

Boring. The characters are well developed and never act stupid. The world and magic is the same and nothing is contrived. This is probably where you can find the most life lessons that feel sincere but its still not very interesting. Maybe the pacing is slow. Maybe I just am not very entertained by the main focus of the series which is the characters emotions which are never overblown or retarded just not interesting enough.

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The Sacred Blacksmith review

Posted : 9 years ago on 7 August 2010 03:17 (A review of The Sacred Blacksmith)

They are SOO CUTE. Just don't listen to what they are saying under the stress of combat. Drama is sometimes contrived and drawn out but sometimes its quite good like the main heroin's fear of killing.

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I watched all of it

Posted : 9 years ago on 29 July 2010 03:54 (A review of Birdy the Mighty Decode)

Has 2 seasons atm. Free to watch at funimation.com. This show is similar to Birdy the mighty made somewhere in the early ninties i think. Its a good show too.

Birdy Ciphon is a Space Federation agent sent to earth to secretly (from hu-mans) recover a super weapon. While enjoying the exercise of apprehending a criminal she punches through one Senkawa and has to carry his consciousness in her body until his body is regenerated. Some high-jinks but mostly warm and fuzziness ensues. To apprehend criminals Birdy fights them like a superhero but with much better animation. Drama happens from about the middle of the first season onwards. Its a mainstay of the second.

Birdy Cephon is great to listen to and the vice acting overall may be a bit exaggerated but is very good. The animation is great too. The fights don't lack anything. The characters are awesome. Except Senkawa who whines alot and then does something quite stupid. The characters and story in general have to occasionally do stupid stuff to to make the drama happen but its ok. Actually, why Senkawa whines about missing his schoolwork instead of stopping the earth from exploding il never know unless its because he wants to hear Birdy apologies. Also, for all of Birdies combat competence she really seems bad at detective work. The drama is subtle, well acted and effective enough that i didn't mind. The occasional goofines, the fights, the warm and fuzzy feeling that often characterizes the mood of the show and the drama do not conflict with each other. The hundreds of offscreen and SOME of the on-screen deaths on the other hand really conflict with the warmness goofiness and drama.

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The Last Airbender review

Posted : 9 years, 1 month ago on 7 July 2010 05:26 (A review of The Last Airbender)

Bad acting. Really really bad sometimes. The avatar could have just been older.
Plot is a fast rehash of the series. Both unoriginal and unnecessarily complete. Feels rushed.
The fights aren't good. Preform dance for spell rather than small often close movements as in the series.
Live action, full copies with full special effects of 2 good fights from the show would have been all that i would need from this movie.

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Best Of War Of The Worlds review

Posted : 9 years, 2 months ago on 9 June 2010 10:34 (A review of Best Of War Of The Worlds)

Very immersive and atmospheric. Good art music and animation. Real time, strategic overworld is unique to strategy games. The fighting is in 3d and artillery shots can go between walkers legs. Variety of strategies are available to both sides. Ai is not that good but worst of all is the lack of multiplayer.

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